Pickups and give-aways are some of the best features NurseGrid offers! In just a few taps, you can drop a shift or pick one up.

Give away a shift

To give away a shift, tap the shift you'd like to give away on your Calendar screen. Then, on the Shift Details screen, simply select "Swap" or "Give Away". 

You'll be taken to the "Create Give Away" screen, where you can select colleagues to offer the shift to, just make sure to select "Give Away" - you'll know you've selected it when it turns blue. 

On the bottom of the screen you'll see colleagues who can work this shift. Select as many colleagues as you'd like to send the shift to. If you want to send it to all available colleagues, don't select anyone from the "Colleagues Who Can Work This Shift" section - just hit "Send" in the top-right corner. 

Once you press "Send," your coworkers will receive a notification that a new shift is available to be picked up. Once someone picks it up, you'll be notified in your Activity Feed and then you can approve or deny the pickup. 

Pro tip: if you're not sure your colleague saw the pickup request, send them a NurseGrid message to remind them!

Pick up a shift

When a shift give-away has been sent to you, you'll be notified in your Activity Feed in NurseGrid. To respond, just tap the opportunity and press "Respond" or "Decline." Once you've responded, the colleague giving away the shift will be notified and can choose to accept or decline the pickup. 

If the offering colleague accepts your pickup, you'll be notified and the shift will be added to your calendar automatically. If the offering colleague declines your pickup, it will remain open to other coworkers but you will no longer be able to pick up the shift. 

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