More of a visual learner? Check out our video tutorial on sharing your calendar from your iPhone here.

If your family and friends aren't NurseGrid users, you can share your schedule with them through third party apps! 

First, make sure you've switched on the "Enable Calendar Sharing" toggle on the Calendar Options screen. (Need some help with that step? Hop over here.)

Next, on the Calendar Options screen, tap "Share NurseGrid Calendar" and turn on the toggles for each of the worksite calendars you'd like to share. Tap "Share" in the top-right corner, then share your calendar via text message or email! 

The person you're sharing your calendar with will receive a text or email (whatever you sent) with a subscription link. Clicking that link on a mobile device will add the NurseGrid calendar directly to whatever their default calendar app is. To make sure the NurseGrid calendar stays up to date, they'll need to check their device settings and ensure that their calendar app is set to fetch data. If they access their calendar on a computer, they can simply copy and paste the subscription URL (including the webcal:// prefix) you sent them into their calendar app. 

More details on adding NurseGrid to third party calendars are available here

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